Research and Development in Medical Education (RDME) is an open-access journal continuously published featuring peer-reviewed original articles, reviews, commentaries and reports in a wide range of areas related to medical and health care professions education.

Aims and Scope 

    • Continuous Professional Development 
    • Curriculum development
    •  Teaching methods
    •  Assessment
    •  Program evaluation
    •  Evidence-based practice and decision making
    •  Best evidence medical education 
    •  Educational leadership and management
    •  E-learning
    •  Educational research methodologies
    •  Educational scholarship reports 
    • Community-based medical education
    • Community-oriented medical education
    • Social accountability of universities
    • Integration of medical education and health services
    • The role of academic institutes in community health education
    • Nursing and midwifery education
    • Dental education
    • Public health education
    • Basic sciences education
    • Higher education

Publication Benefits in RDME: 
  • Free of charge publication for authors
  • Fast and constructive peer review process 
  • Easy and quick online submission
  • Fast publication
  • Worldwide free access to all readers (open access journal

RDME is published by Tabriz university of Medical Sciences, Education Development Center (EDC) and with collaboration of Iranian Association of Medical Education  and  Medical Education Research Center (MERC), in cooperation with postgraduate courses in medical education in Iran.