Res Dev Med Educ. 2020;9: 12 | Published on: 2020 Jul 14. doi: 10.34172/rdme.2020.012

Original Research

The challenges of mentorship system at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and providing solutions from the perspective of mentors, students and collaborators

Reza Ghaffari 1 ORCID, Susan Hassanzadeh 1 ORCID, Fariba Salek Ranjbarzadeh 1 * ORCID, Parisa Golanbar 2 ORCID, Hoorie Sarbazvatan 1 ORCID, Nazila Motarebsun 1 ORCID, Flora Baghban Rezvan 1 ORCID, Saleh Heydarian 1 ORCID, Hajar Shafaei 1 ORCID

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